Proceedings ABIS 2002

10. GI-Workshop “Adaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in interaktiven Softwaresystemen”

Hannover, 9.-11. Oktober 2002

(ABIS 2002 Website)

M. Hellmund, J. M. Hess
Smart Personalisation for Wireless Applications

A. Jedlitschka
An approach for Distributed User Models with the Focus on Transparency and Ownership of User Information

I. Joukova, M. Siplivaya
Automated System for Personal Learning and Control of Students Knowledge

A. Butz
Taming the urge to click

W. Engelbach, A. v. Hoof
Aufgaben- und rollenangepaßte Konzeption idealer Informationsrecherchestrategien

D. Heckmann
Proposal for a User Modeling Markup Language

E. Herder
Metrics for the Adaptation of Site Structure

M. Laroussi, J. Rouillard
Adaptive Communication tools for mobile learning

C. Müller, R. Wasinger
Adapting Multinomial Dialog for the Elderly

S. Lippitsch, S. Weibelzahl, G. Weber
Improving Structural Salience by Content Adaptation with Summaries

C. Piombo, H. Batatia, A. Ayache
Adapting instructional hypermedia content to cognitive profiles

M. Baldoni, C. Baroglio, N. Henze, V. Patti
Setting up a Framework for Comparing Adaptive Educational Hypermedia

H. Brücher
Lokalisierung als Aspekt der Personalisierung mobiler Kommunikationsdienste

M. Chalamish, S. Kraus
Learning Users Interests for Providing Relevant Information

T. Nebel, Paschke
Klassifizierung und Weiterentwicklung adaptiver Methoden

T. Rist, A. Kröner, P. Brandmeier
Layout Adaptation in a Portal for Personalised Cross-Plattform Content Packaging

C. Schmitt, D. Dengler, M.Bauer
The MAUT-Machine: An Adaptive Recommender System

W. Schütz, R. Schäfer
Towards more Realistic Modeling of a User`s Evaluation Process

S. Weibelzahl, S. Lippitsch, G. Weber
Supporting the Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia with Structural Information

F. Wittig
Zum maschinellen Lernen für benutzeradaptive Systeme am Beispiel Bayes’scher Netze

A. Zimmermann, A. Lorenz, M. Specht
Reasoning from Context

I. Zinnikus, A. Bogdanovich, R. Schäfer
An Ontology-Based Recommendation System for Elderly and Disabled Persons