Proceedings ABIS 2005

13. GI-Workshop “Adapitivität und Benutzermodellierung in interaktiven Softwaresystemen”

Saarbrücken, 10.-12. Oktober 2005

Stephan Baldes, Alexander Kröner, Mathias Bauer
Configuration and Introspection of Situated User Support

Jörg Baus, Antonio Krüger, and Tsvi Kuflik
Seamless Combination of Shared and Personalized Information Presentation to Groups of Visitors in Active Museums – Research Agenda

Anders Broberg, Ulrika Hägglund
The Virtual Bookshelf Approach

Francesca Carmagnola, Federica Cena, Cristina Gena, Ilaria Torre
MUSE: A Multidimensional Semantic Environment for Adaptive HypermediaSystems

Lilia Cheniti- Belcadhi, Nicola Henze, Rafik Braham
Towards a Service Based Architecture for Assessment

Christian Gütl and Felix Mödritscher
Towards a Generic Adaptive System applicable for Web-based Learning Management Environments

Eelco Herder
Characterizations of User Web Revisit Behavior

Hyosook Jung, Seongbin Park
Adaptive features of a hypermedia system using bookmark per Web page

Hyosook Jung, Seongbin Park
Enhancing adaptive capabilities of an adaptive hypermedia system

Michael Kruppa
Migrating Characters Performing Explicit Physical Object References

Andreas Lorenz, Andreas Zimmermann and Markus Eisenhauer
Enabling Natural Interaction by Approaching Objects

Martin Muehlenbrock, Oliver Scheuer
Using Action Analysis in ActiveMath to Estimate Student Motivation

Helmut Prendinger
Estimating User Affect and Focus of Attention from Physiological Signals in Life-Like Character Based Interaction Scenarios

Andreas Schmidt
Potentials and Challenges of Context-Awareness for Learning Solutions

Barbara Schmidt-Belz
User trust in Adaptive Systems

Carsten Ullrich
Course Generation Based on HTN Planning

Stephan Weibelzahl, Declan Kelly
Adaptation to Motivational States in Educational Systems