Proceedings ABIS 2007

15th Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems

Halle, 24.-26. September 2007

Editors: Ingo Brunkhorst, Daniel Krause, Wassiou Sitou

Christian P. Janssen, Hedderik van Rijn
Taking the Teacher’s Perspective for User Modeling in Complex Domains

Melanie Hartmann, Daniel Schreiber
Prediction Algorithms for User Actions

David Hauger, Mirjam Köck
State of the Art of Adaptivity in E-Learning Platforms

Tim Hussein, Daniel Westheide, Jürgen Ziegler
Context-adaptation based on Ontologies and Spreading Activation

Leendert van Maanen
Mediating expert knowledge and visitor interest in art work recommendation

Tariq Mahmood, Francesco Ricci
Towards Learning User-Adaptive State Models in a Conversational Recommender System

Barbara Odenthal, Marcel Ph. Mayer, Morten Grandt, Christopher M. Schlick
Concept of an adaptive training system for production

Andreas Putzinger
Towards Asynchronous Adaptive Hypermedia: An Unobtrusive Generic Help System

Andreas Schmidt, Michael Schneider
Adaptive Reading Assistance for Dyslexic Students: Closing the Loop