Proceedings ABIS 2010

18th Intl. Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation on the Web and Beyond

Kassel, 4.-6. October 2010

Editors: Melanie Hartmann, Eelco Herder, Daniel Krause, Andreas Nauerz

(ABIS 2010 Website)

Daniel Burgos
What is wrong with the IMS Learning Design specification? Constraints And Recommendations

Ahmad Salim Doost and Erica Melis
Student Model Adjustment Through Random-Restart Hill Climbing

Daniela Godoy
On the Role of Social Tags in Filtering Interesting Resources from Folksonomies

Dominikus Heckmann
User Models meet Digital Object Memories in the Internet of Things

Ricardo Kawase, George Papadakis, and Eelco Herder
How Predictable Are You? A Comparison of Prediction Algorithms for Web Page Revisitation

Rong Pan, Guandong Xu, and Peter Dolog
User and Document Group Approach of Clustering in Tagging Systems

Wolfgang Reinhardt, Tobias Varlemann, Matthias Moi, and Adrian Wilke
Modeling, obtaining and storing data from social media tools with Artefact-Actor-Networks

Vicente Romero and Daniel Burgos
Meta-rules: Improving Adaptation in Recommendation Systems

Daniel Schreiber
Social IPTV: a Survey on Chances and User-Acceptance