Proceedings ABIS 2016

22th International Workshop on Intelligent and Personalized Human-Computer Interaction

4 September 2016 at Mensch & Computer 2016 in Aachen, Germany
Edited by Mirjam Augstein, Eelco Herder and Wolfgang Wörndl
ABIS 2016 Workshop website

Analyzing Hand Therapy Success in a Web-Based Therapy System
Ahmed Elnaggar, Dirk Reichardt

Modeling Age-related Differences in Information Search
Saraschandra Karanam, Herre van Oostendorp

Learning Special Input Methods with Personalized Game Applications
Thomas Neumayr, Mirjam Augstein, Stephan Vrecer, Werner Kurschl, Josef Altmann

Solving Tourist Trip Design Problems from a User’s Perspective
Wolfgang Wörndl

Customized UI Development Through Context-Sensitive GUI Patterns
Enes Yigitbas, Stefan Sauer